Hi! I am Tammy! Thanks for checking out our blog! My Friend Roger and I will be sharing and inspiring you here.  We chose the name Abundant Life Power for our word press site name because we believe that we ALL are meant to Live an Abundant Life and that God has Given us the Power to do so.  We chose the name “Live Out Loud” for the name of the blog because we believe that Life Is Not Meant to be lived by standing on the side lines watching the world go by! It was meant to Live to the Fullest and Enjoy Every Single Second that we are here on God’s Beautiful Earth.  We are Christians working at leaving a Positive Impact on everyone we meet.  I am a mother of 2 and I am a “GG” of 3 beautiful children who are my world. I am engaged to an amazing man, Dee, who is my soul mate.  I am also a Certified Personal Trainer living here in Atlanta, Ga.

This blog will be focused primarily on four things: The Bible, Personal Development, Health/Wellness/fitness (along with some awesome recipes) and Life Lessons that we have learned through our Many years on this earth.  We hope to inspire, motivate and give you hope by sharing our faith through our eyes.  We also hope to give you the courage to stand up to your fears and take your life back one step at a time and live the life that God destined you to live.

Our goal is to create content that can be applied practically and add value to your life.  If you are looking for a little inspiration, motivation or just looking for a different perspective on this thing called life, then this is definitely the blog for you!

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