A Big Thank You To All Who Serve


  To ALL of my Friends Family & Loved Ones who have Ever or are Now Serving in our Armed Forces, Active, Retired, Reserved, Past Present & Future! Thank You!

For those of us that have had or have family member that have been Deployed, we know 1st hand the sacrifices you have made, the Unselfishness you possess, the Unconditional Loyalty Deep within your Soul that you were born with and the Dedication to Never Give Up, Never Stop Fighting the Good Fight, Never Leaving a Man/Woman/Child Behind.

We will never understand completely, the things that you have seen, been thru or endured. The reasons you have nightmares that you never want to talk about. The reasons you have days where you are just Angry for No reason. The emotion you feel when you see a fallen soldier you never met. And we will never feel the amount of Pride that you feel every time you hear the National Anthem sung.

The understanding that the day you signed up for this life, that you wrote a #BlankCheck to the United States of America and every citizen that lives here, to Serve and Protect no matter the cost, up to and including the last breath you take with your life to save a Nation of People whom you will Never Know or probably never meet! So on this #VeteransDay I personally want to Say #ThankYou from the Bottom of my Heart and with All the Love I have Within Me for Sacrificing & being the Unconditionally Unselfish people to do what you do Every Single Day! Today is Your Day as is Every day in my book! And I pray for your safety and that Everyone that you come in contact Solutes you and tells you #ThankYou for your Never Ending Service!

The Broken Heart of a Child..Stop Bullying!!!!

2015-10-20 17.28.32

Its no secret that I have 3 grandchildren and that they are the Life within my lungs day in and day out.  This past weekend I got to spend some much needed “GG Time” with them.  With me living in Atlanta, I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to, but it also makes our time very valuable and intense, which I love by the way lol.

My middle granddaughter who is 7 1/2, is bi-racial.  She is probably one of the sweetest children on the planet. Never meets a stranger and is Very Smart.  As a matter of fact, she just made straight “A’s” on her most recent report card.  I have been praying about this post for a few days now and wanted to calm down before I started writing because I wanted it to come from a Good Place to open up productive communication and not anger and hate.

Children are not Born To Hate.  As a matter of fact, they are Born to Love.  They Love Unconditionally until they are “Taught” otherwise.  See, she came home the other day and asked her mom, “Mommy, do I have to keep going to my school? Can I go somewhere different please?  They are mean to me and tell me that I am ugly because I am brown and everybody hates me”  This Infuriated me as it would any parent or grandparent.  Needless to say, my daughter was more than a little pissed off by this too.  Trying to keep her calm so that she could have an effective conversation with the teacher and/or principal about the bullying going on was more than just a little difficult.

When I had lunch with my granddaughter yesterday at a local Mexican restaurant in Birmingham, this was our conversation….

(I will call her “Pam” to protect her) Pam:  GG, do you have a husband? Why are you always alone? Me: (laughing) No baby I don’t have a husband and when its time it will happen.  Pam:  Well what about him (pointing at our waiter), he would be perfect for you and you perfect for him (with all the confidence her sweet little heart could muster lol) Me: (trying not to Laugh hysterically and break her heart) No baby that is not how that works but thank you for trying to help your GG like that lol. Your GG is attracted to men with brown skin like yours. Then this is where the conversation turned and I realized that the seeds of self-hate had already started and the bullying was working on her self-image… Pam:  Oh, I didn’t know that.  When I get bigger I am going to marry me a white man.  Me: Well that is perfectly ok baby.  It does not matter what color their skin is as long as their heart Loves you with ALL they have in it.  Pam:  GG, what color skin will my babies have If I marry a white man?  Me: They will have pretty brown skin like yours.  Remember how the manager here said how beautiful you were and that your skin was so pretty?  Pam:  Yes, but I don’t like my brown skin and I want my babies to have white skin like yours.  Me:  (Silence….Fighting back tears)  Baby, you are the most beautiful child and your skin has NOTHING to do with your Beauty! Do Not Ever Believe Anything Different!  Then I changed the subject as not to upset her or our fun time we were having.

Now, some people would say, that is just kids being kids.  Some people will automatically want to boycott the school, drag out the parents of the children and publicly flog them.  Others will ignore this to stay in their oblivious bubble thinking there is NOT a problem or it’s NOT their child that would ever do such a thing.  Do I think that these 7+ year old children know what it is that they are saying or the meaning behind it? Absolutely not!  Do I think the parents “Intentionally” pointed it out and have said something to make their children say those things? I would Pray with every inch of my soul that there was No Intent, but do I think it was most likely and “Unintentional” comment that was said when they “Thought” their child wasn’t listening? Yes I do!

I am talking To ALL Parents!  I don’t care if your black, white, asian, mixed or whatever, Your Children Hear and SEE way more than you realize.  This is not the 1800-1900’s any more! Relationships between different races is the Normal now days.  Bi-racial children are Everywhere! Hell if the Truth be known, None of Us are Pure Bread with just 1 Race Any More!!! Children are Smart!! Children not only hear what we say, they Hear what we Don’t Say!  They See what we do, who we hang out with and Also, who we Don’t hang out with!  The conversation has to Start At Home!!! When will we quit Teaching Hate to our Children?!?!?!?  Do we even know why we don’t like someone of a different race?  Or are we just doing what our parents/grandparents did because we think it is “Disrespectful” to be Different and Brake the Chains of Hate!! 

Lets do a little experiment for a second (I saw this on Facebook and can’t take the credit for it but I want to share).  A teacher did this experiment in her classroom of elementary school students (I don’t remember what grade) She pulled out a “White Egg” and a “Brown Egg“.  She showed the class that the color of each was different but they were both “Eggs” and the class agreed.  Now here is where it gets interesting, the teacher (God Bless Her) said just like people, our “Skin may be different colors, (then she broke open both of the raw eggs on the plate) we are all the Same on the inside” as both yolks were EXACTLY the SAME!  I wish I could have seen and heard the surprise and Awe of all the children in her class at that moment in time.  She is Exactly right! We ALL may look different on the Outside, but on the Inside…. We Are ALL made up of the Same organs, blood, bones etc… THE SAME!!!  

We look at all the crime on the news, the shootings, robberies, black on black crime, white on black crime, white on white crime… It is ALL Crime! One crime is not any better or worse than the other at the end of the day when someone is injured or killed!! ALL Lives Matter!! Point Blank Period!! It ALL Starts at Home With You!!!

I am making a Plea to ALL Parents/Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles/Brothers/Cousins/Friends/Family Members, Please, I beg you with Every Inch of My Soul, Please Stop The Madness!! Talk to God, Talk to your pastor, Talk to your Children, Talk to your Spouse, Talk to your Family, Go to Counseling, But Don’t continue to Breed Hate for another human being because they LOOK Different Than You!!! If we want our children to have a Better life than we did and to have a Better World to live in when they grow up, WE as the Adults on this Planet, have to be Able to have an Open Dialog, without Pointing the finger and Without Blaming anyone!  Look in the Mirror and Say it Starts With Me!! You can be the 1st Step To Change!! 

If this has touched you in some way, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Please Share this and lets take it around the world and Let’s Be the Change we Seek for our Children and Future Generations!! Thank you and God Bless!

Tribute To All My Strong Women


Yes Ladies, this is ALL About You today! Woot Woot! The Strong Women! The ones who are there for their family, friends, church, co-workers & charities. Those that people lean on when they need direction. Those that people seek when they need to be told the Truth they know within but don’t want to hear in the consciousness of the awake world.  The ones that flourish in times  f crisis only to break down behind closed doors because we don’t want anyone to know that we have moments of weakness too!

See, I am a Strong Woman! Anyone who knows me personally and knows even just a little of my story, will tell you that they don’t know how I do it.  I am a personal trainer, so I am physically strong. I have battled Depression and almost took my own life, but I fought with everything within me and Won! So I am Emotionally Strong! I am a Mother and a GG, so as all mothers and grandmothers know, we are the backbone of strength for our families. I am a sister with 3 brothers, the oldest and the only girl, so I am tough deep down in my soul.  I could go on with more and more of things that make me and lots of other women on this planet strong, but it is not about just that. It is about how we know, we are also Weak!  We put on a mask for the world to see because we have our “Strong Woman Crown” to wear every day.

There are some, that because they are strong, they are mean, hateful, bullies, demanding and just a plain pain in the ass to be around! (I used to be her! lol) But when in need, people will run to them, because they know this Strong Woman will Get the Job Done!

There are those that help everyone with their crisis but can’t seem to get their own life together, because they have given all they have to everyone else. (Yep, I have been her too… sigh)  Then there are those that “Seem” to have it all together, Happy, Strong, life on point, always lifting others up and nobody knows the brokenness within.  We dare NOT let anyone see our tears. Why? Because of the fear of judgment, that people wont need us any more if they see us at our weakest moments! (Yes, I graduated to this one as well lol)

To ALL of my Ladies, please hear this if you heard nothing that I said above, Let go of the fear of what other people think! Your Gift of Strength was earned!  God Blessed you with it.  But he also gave us the ability to be Strong in our Weakness! Yes, it sucks being strong all the time, especially when we are having our weak moments.  I know you feel like nobody can be there for you, but the truth is, God is there FIRST and Foremost! Realize, he put people in your life to help you when you are weak!

See, I know this because I have some pretty Awesome people who morphed into Superhero Friends when I least expected it! Give them Permission to Love You! To see your tears and let you cry, but also, Not to join your pity party!  Give them permission to Tell you the Truth, like you do them! Give them permission to help you, when you can’t seem to find your own Strength! Contrary to our “Inner Iron Man” or Woman as the case may be, It is Okay to ask for help from those we give help too!  Why should you even consider that you ask?  Here’s the deal, at the time you helped them, they thought they would Never be able to repay you for the Strength you shared in their time of need.  Well guess what, those that are your “True Friends” that you lended that strength to, will be your “Superhero Friends” when you least expect it!

So quit being all grumpy. Quit trying to save the world. Quit thinking crying is a weakness that will Kill You! Truth be told, crying cleanses and heals your soul! Crying will set your heart free! Letting someone else be strong helps you to be human! Being vulnerable makes you Beautiful and Sexy!

NONE of us have it all together all the time… that is just a fact of life! A hard one that I, myself, have difficulty accepting at times. But as I have grown into this most Awesome version of me that God has allowed me to be, I realize that I am Awesome Even When I Cry!

So, Take Your Masks OFF, My Strong Women! Be Beautiful, flaws and all! Embrace all the perfect, imperfections that God gave, to only you and show the World your True Inner Strength! Your Tears!


One Strong Woman to Another

It’s Your Life So Live It Your Way

2014-02-25 06.06.17

When I saw this picture, it Inspired this post.  It may be a little wordy but it will definitely be worth it 🙂

See, Nobody on this earth makes it out Alive! We ALL are going to Die someday.  We do not know when that someday is for any of us.  Someone, you, me, your neighbor, friend, classmate etc could go any minute today, tomorrow or next year.  I know that sounds scary, but the truth is the truth. That part, quite honestly, shouldn’t even really be a concern to you because the time and place is 100% out of your control.  God has the final say and it is already written as to when your time is up.

So, what is the point of all this Tammy? Yes I know it is a gloomy way to start of a blog, but there really is an Awesome point to be made.  No we may not have control over when we die, But….. What we do have absolutely 100% control over is what We DO and who we Become from NOW until the day we die!  Now, Seriously… How Freaking Awesome is That! (Imagine Me doing my Happy Dance right now! Ha!)

You have a choice to make.  Are you gonna put your head down and just shuffle your feet one day at a time, complaining how miserable you are and how life ahs dealt you a “RAW DEAL“? Is that what you’re doing Right Now?  Well you know what…. SHUT UP!!! Yes, you can go back and read that again in ALL Caps, Bold & Underlined and Imagine Me Yelling at you!!! SHUT UP!!!!  See, the only person responsible for your Situation is YOU! Not your mom, your dad, your cousin, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, pastor, teacher, etc.  Those are people who are “Influences” in your life! Those influences may be positive or negative! You are in total control of what you listen to and accept in your life, NOT Them.

Here’s the deal, you have a God Given, Divine Right to “CHOOSE” how your life goes. How you React or Respond to the Good or Bad situations that happen in your life is up to YOU and You Only!  Yes, sometimes bad things happen to good people and we have Zero control over that!  What we do have control over is to properly “Respond” and say “This was not anything that I could control and I am okay with that!!  It does not Define who I am but it does make me stronger because I Survived it for a Reason“!!!

How do I know this to be true?  Because I have personally lived thru just that.  See, my 1st childhood memories, are of me being sexually abused from about ages 3 or 4ish on and off until it finally ended when I was 13.  I do not have too many happy memories as a young child that I can remember at the moment.  But, what I do know, is that God Protected me from all that pain, physical & mental, by making me black it out until I was an adult and he knew I was able to hand the reality of it all.  I made a conscious CHOICE to NOT let my past, that I had ZERO control over, determine who I am or could Become! Nor would I let it hold me captive as a victim in my own mental prison.  Now there is a lot more to that part of the story of my life that I will reveal in another post, which will Greatly Shock you as to how I am still Standing here Loving and Embracing life to the fullest Every Single Day!

As I said, I am living, breathing proof that Bad things can sometimes happen to Good People and you can make an Amazing life for yourself.  What is it that you need to Let Go of in order to move forward into your Destiny of Awesomeness?  If this post has helped or inspired you in some way, please hit the “LIKE” button and then “Share” on Facebook, Google+ or any other of your favorite Social Media Hangouts, so that we can Help and Inspire as many people around the world to take back their life and Live it to the Fullest!  Remember, the Epilogue to your Life, has Not yet been written!  So Make It Awesome!