A Veteran’s Sacrifice

To ALL my Veteran’s near and far
Even if we have never met
And I know not who you are

I thank God for the man you turned out to be
For he knew that he was making you Elite and a very Special Breed
To give up a normal life with untold Sacrifice with all that you are
To Protect & Serve the ones you love and even the ones you may never meet
Its an honor to have you protecting someone like me

You never think twice about giving up your life with such a sacrifice
Even when its time to ship out and what you leave behind is your family & wife.
You are filled with mixed emotions watching tears well up in her eyes
Having to say Goodbye & hearing your babies cry
Knowing you took an oath to protect & Serve
Their hearts and tears are filled with Pride

So from me to you whether you are Near or Far
I don’t care what branch of service you are
I want to say Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart
So that people like me can have the Freedom to enjoy this thing we call Life!

May God Bless You and Keep You Safe!

If you are a Veteran active or not give us a Shout Out to your home town and loved ones Below! We want to Honor You Today! #Blessed #Veterans