Prayer ? Do we Know how ?

I had a really rough night last night .

I have been wrestling for two days with something “I” wanted to write about .

After my night in prayer , I was shown that I “will” be writing about what God wants written .

So :  let’s talk about our prayer life .

Mine was nothing but turmoil last night as I continually told God what “I” was trying to “accomplish” and asking him to bless my meager efforts with pen and paper .

And that is how our prayer life often works : asking God to bless what “we” want to do . No thought of anything but our own interest or dreams .

After all ; we all know how to best glorify our Lord . Right ?

That’s a really good joke  isn’t it ?

We can never make God’s word “whole” through our own wisdom .

And that is the lesson my Lord taught me last night ; turn it over to him and trust him and his wisdom and power

But here is also the problem for us mere mortals ; turning  EVERYTHING over to God .

I bet everybody thought we would get through this with out  me quoting C.S. Lewis !!

No such luck !

I am now reading the Screw Tape Letters and came across this little jewel that I must share :  ”  Thanks to processes ,that Satan set at work in man centuries ago ,they find all but impossible to believe in the unfamiliar while the familiar is before their eyes .” Paraphrased

And there is Satan’s opening : our inability to turn “all” over to our Lord and rest from our labors at that point .

Our nature says that God might not realize the true enormity of the problem we have brought to him .

Or He doesn’t understand the “urgency ” of our “request”.

Now we get to the two problems with our prayer life : #1 -Urgency  ,#2 -Request .

Urgency ?  Impossible to get my #2 Combo to the drive through window fast enough !

And how often do we treat Our God like the poor girl manning the window at the local McDonald’s ; “Did you have to kill the cow ? ‘, “Don’t you know I am already running late?”

And the “request “?–There is a real laugh !

“Request ?” —Let’s try “commands ” .

All I really need from you Lord is your blessings !

That is how prayer works if “I” am in charge : speedy , with the mustard and ketsup just so -so !

Let’s look at God’s way .

Let’s go all the way back to the beginning : Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden .

All that Beauty : Something so awesome that my feeble mind can barely comprehend the beauty that is before my eyes !

Visualize Adam and Eve walking With their God through the Garden in the cool of the morning !

Oh to have been on that walk !

Can you hear them call Him Abba ?

And that is how prayer should be : approaching God as our Father !

Knowing that above all else ,He loves us and will never harm us .

And now we get to my Daughter .

Laura may get tired of being my example ,but she is a beautiful example of prayer .

Laura was around 3 years old when she ran through the kitchen door screaming for her Daddy .


And in each hand my Daughter was holding a Yellow Jacket .

They had stung my baby !

And she Had come running to her Daddy .

She had brought her problem to her father ,knowing that I could handle it .

One question for us now : How much more does Our Father care about the “yellow jackets ” in our life ?

There is the true prayer that our Father Wants from his Children .

God bless

Roger .

Do You Admire Your Boss?


This post is spurred by another blog that I read by Scott Dinsmore at Live Your Legend

Live your legend is all about finding what you love to do and figuring out a way to make money at it so that you can be happy at your “J-O-B”.  Actually, most people, over 80% of the population to be exact, hate their job and the career that they chose to follow.  People have this lie planted in their head that a “JOB” is Not suppose to be fun or that your Not suppose to enjoy the work that you do!  So they put their head down and they Grind it out, Day after Day after Day, Year after Year after Year.  Becoming a workaholic in most cases.  All to become what the “World” says is the definition of “Success“.

You think that if you work your Boo-Tay off to make all the money you can and buy the nice house, the car, have the wife (husband) and kids (that you never get to see, by the way, because your working 100+hrs a week to maintain that so-called  “World Success”) and keep telling yourself, “When I retire, I will take time to be happy then and enjoy life“.  Which brings me back to the Live your Legend blog post, which was appropriately titled, “Do You Want to Be Your Boss?“. (Which is obviously the inspiration for my title, Thanks Scott! lol)

There was something that he said in there that Really just smacked me in the head and I have been thinking about it on and off all day.  “Happiness not spent today, does not equal more Happiness Tomorrow.  If you think that you will be less stressed, less conflicted and less disenchanted at a higher level, you’re in for a Nasty surprise”.

Now, let’s think about that for a minute. I mean really think about it.  Think about your boss.  Do you like them? Do you Admire them? Do they inspire you to be better? Do they motivate you to want to do the best job you can so that you can better yourself in the company or are they micromanaging you trying to keep you where you are because they Hate their job to? (and we all know misery loves company) Here is the big question…. Do you Really Want to Be Your Boss?  If you were offered his/her job tomorrow, would you take it?  That means, ALL the headaches, stresses, hours, time away from home and family that comes along with the pay check he/she is getting.  Now, be honest with yourself, because you have to live with your answer and so does your family not me, Do You Want to Be Your Boss? Do you Really want that promotion? Do you even Like what it is that you do?

Lets get a little deeper since I am Obviously trying to make you think Today!  If money were no object and you could do ANYTHING in the world you wanted to do…. Starting Tomorrow…. what would it be?  Would you go into work tomorrow and be happy about it.  Doing the best job that you could do and go as far as you could go in that company?  Or would you say, “Take this Job & Shove It!

If you Love what you do for a living, Hey, by all means Keep Doing it!  If you are excited to go to work and are Happy every morning when that alarm goes off because you get to do what you love to do everyday and get paid for it, then this blog post is NOT for you! Congrats on being 1 of the 20% or less.  But, if you are 1 of the 80%+ that Hate what they do…. then maybe, just maybe, now is the time for you to figure out an EXIT plan for your current situation. (And I don’t mean out of the 3rd floor window either lol)

Take a few minutes and really think about what it is that you would love to do that would make you happy.  Then write it down.  The next thing you do is put a pen to paper and figure out what it would take to make that become a reality.  Google it, do your research, find a way to make it happen.  Do Not Let Fear Grip You and keep you from your dreams.  Like I said in my previous blog “Forget About How..Just Do It”, your Dream is on the other side of the fog, you only have to go 3 feet at a time, but you Have To Do It! Fear Only Gets Loud when You’re Doing Something That Matters!

I have no idea where you are in life, I don’t even know you, but I do know how I felt when I was doing a Job that I hated! (that is another story for another blog!) I knew that I had to find a way out or it would kill me if I stayed.  Now that may be a little overly dramatic for you, but that is how I felt in that job.  I quit, busted my ass studying and in less than 3 months passed my personal trainer certification exam at the age of 44! A Light Switch Moment Dream, that if I am 100% honest with myself (and you) I was not sure that I could/would achieve it when I started out on that journey.  When I got my score, I asked the girl 3 times if I had passed because I Never thought I could do it.  When I got back out to my car, I burst into tears.  Big sobbing tears of joy flowing down so hard that I almost could not breathe.  I think I cried for what seemed like an eternity at the time, but was probably a good 5 minutes (or less) in reality.  I Did It! I Passed My Test! Not only did I pass, but I Passed with a score of 90!!! I have been training for 6+ years now & I absolutely LOVE what I do! I am now also a Transformation Life Coach, Public Speaker and soon to be Published Author!  I turned 50 in 2017 and I feel better today than I have in my entire life with Dreams and Goals that will make the world a better place for us all! This was ALL possible, because I Made a Choice! A Choice to Want to become More! To be Better than I was the Previous 44 years of my life!

I said ALL of that to say this to you, If I, a 44 yr old Mother of 2 and GG of 3, can make her Dream Job a Reality….then You Can Too! Believe in yourself and Never let anyone tell you that you “Can’t” or that your crazy or not good enough.  When other people start telling you that your crazy, trust me, that means you are on the right path!  Walk, Jog, Run, whatever you have to do!  Go around them, over them, under them or thru them, but Never Quit!  You are in control of your Destiny! You are the Creator of Whatever Life it is that you Choose to Create!

I would love to hear if you love your job and/or your boss? Or even better, Answer the question, “If money were no object and you could start your dream job tomorrow, what would that look like for you and your family?  Leave it in the comments below and lets chat for a moment!

I hope that I have at least inspired you to believe in YOUR own power a little more on this Beautiful Day! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to hear my heart!  Be Blessed!  Tammy

Forget About How…Just Do It


I was reading an email that I got from Lily Jensen a few minutes ago, which prompted this Blog post.  You know how you get up one morning after a good rain the night before and its Really Foggy?  You are trying to drive and you can only see 3 feet in front of you.  Now, you know where your going, but not quite sure if it’s really safe in these conditions but you know you have to go anyway.  I don’t think there is a person who hasn’t run into these conditions while driving at some point in their life.

Well let me flip this on you for just a moment.  Lets say, that you have this Big Dream or Goal that is just burning inside you.  You know that some how some way this is what you were meant to do.  Someone tells you that your crazy, or they ask you “How in the Hell, do You think you are gonna make that happen?” Now, let’s go back to driving in the fog for a second.  Let’s just say your Dream is on the other side of that fog.  You can only see 3 feet in front of you but you KNOW without a Doubt that you Have to Go For It! You drive in the fog all the time and you make it safely to your destination, right? You may drive a little slower to be safe, But You Don’t Quit Driving do you?  Fear only gets loud when you’re doing something that Matters!

Every single day that we are alive, we avoid 1 disaster after another, 1 step (or 3 feet) at a time.  Its called Life Experiences, that we learn from every minute of every day.  Why would you let a little “FOG” get in the way of you making your Dream Become a Reality?  How you get there will work itself out when you take that next step!  It’s the Law of Action.  You start attracting the things you need, ideas, money, time, people, whatever is needed to get you through the Fog, to your Destination (Dream).  Just Do It! Take that Next Step!

Sooooooo, Here’s the big Question?  Are you gonna play it safe and sit on the side lines of life and let Fear put blinders on your face, keep you in a choke hold tied to the porch?  Or are you gonna Kick Fear in the Teeth and Say “I Got This! Your No Longer Welcome Here!”  No matter what Dream or goal it is that you are chasing, I encourage you…No…I take that back… I Dare You to take that Next Big Scary Step, and the one after that and the next and next! I Promise you with ALL that is within me, that if you do that right there, You will Reach Your Dream Destination, Safe,  Sound and Successful!

So, tell me, where is your dream taking you today?

What Are You Allowing

Take a Chance if You Want Anything to Change

Take a Chance if You Want Anything to Change


This post is about our “Relationships“.  On my Facebook page the other day I had a gentleman post on one of my pictures that I deserved to be treated like a Queen.  Of course I am Very Appreciative of such a compliment and stated so.  What led to this post was his next comment which said, “Well it’s not rocket science on how you should treat a lady.”  I am upset that I can not find the post at the moment to quote exactly what was said from that point, so, please forgive me for “Winging It” now and going off my Best Recollection of what was said lol.

My reply to him was, “To a lot of men, it is rocket science unfortunately.  And I am not putting ALL of the blame on the Men here. We as Women Allow Men to Treat us the way that they do and until we Demand a Better way to be Treated then we shouldn’t complain about what we ALLOW to take place in our Relationships”.  Now this brought a myriad of banter back and forth about the subject and we ALL agreed on 1 single Fact, “You Get What You Allow to Exist”.

We as women typically get the short end of the stick when it comes to love and relationships.  (Fella’s I’m not saying that you are exempt from this at all lol, but I am primarily talking to the Ladies here.)  Most women, and I am speaking from my own personal experiences, have had no male role model to show us exactly How a Lady should be treated when we were younger.  We have abandonment issues, we have baggage from other relationships, we have been abused, either mentally, physically, emotionally and/or sexually at some point in our life.  So, for me anyway, we want NOTHING more desperately than to Be Loved by a Man and Have Absolutely No Idea what that means.  We let men treat us any kind of way because we “THINK” any attention is Good attention and a show of some form of “Love”.  And that is the farthest thing from the truth! It has taken me 46 years to realize this and I hope that I can reach somebody today!

You Are Beautiful! You are Special! You are NOT to Blame for the things in your past! You Deserve to have the door opened for you, to get phone calls to hear him say “I was thinking about you and just wanted to hear your voice”, flowers, text messages, dinner dates and anything else that Honor’s You!  You Do NOT and Should NOT Accept Anything Less!  With that being said, If you Allow a man to mistreat you and talk to you any kind of way, then I am sorry, but you have no right to complain about how “Bad” your relationship is because “YOU” are Making the Conscious Choice/Decision to ALLOW Him to Treat you in that manner.  I Promise You this, if you will Look Up to Your Heavenly Father and Trust Him, Demand the respect and love that you deserve, God will heal your brokenness and Send you the man he made Especially for You!  How do I know this?  Because I am Living Proof that God Healed Me, Forgave Me, Saved Me and Blessed Me with the Love of My Life and My Soul Mate.

I hope this has touched someone tonight.  I would love to hear your comments and feedback.  If you think this would help somebody else, Please forward to them and let the healing begin.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to hear my heart.  Have a Blessed Night!