Free Your Mind…Live Your Life


You know, we all spend so much time with our life in Hyper-speed! Go here, do that, listen to this, talk to this one, that one & the other one. Go to work, 8, 10, 12 or more hours a day. Come home, cook, clean, take a shower, pass out & do it all over again the next day.  We worry about who is watching or “Not” watching us.  What they think of us or what they may or may not be saying about us.  There there is the ALL Paralyzing “What do they Think about me?”  Whether its a love interest, a new friend, co-worker, boss or just someone that catches their eye in the line at the grocery store.  So many of our thoughts are caught up in “What other people think” about us.

Well you know what… Who Cares!!! Seriously!  Yes, that sounds callous and harsh, and No I am not sorry!  Its the truth and you need to Hear Me!  We spend way too much of our Good Energy on people who 98% of the time are not even giving you a 2nd thought, much less a 1st thought lol.  If they made you mad, they Do Not Care!  They haven’t thought about it for a second and I would venture to guess they probably don’t even know they made you mad in the first place.

You are walking around all puffed up over someone else’s opinion of you and they Do Not Care! So you are mad for hours, days, weeks and in some cases Years for No Damn Reason at all!  People are gonna hurt you and you are gonna hurt other people.  Whether its with words or actions (or the lack there of in some cases) its inevitable that its going to happen.  There is a thought process that I use to help me when Stupid stuff like this happens.  First thought, “Is there anything I can do to change the situation?” Its a simple yes or no.  If Yes, then list what I can do and then do it.  If “NO”, then its oh well, on with my day.  Let go and Let God!   Yes it is really that simple!

See, if your mad, then Your Day is ruined.  You are in control of your emotions not them.  If you let them make you mad and you stay that way then They Win!  Life is Too Damn Short to be walking around Pissed off all the time!  If someone you love hurt you, cheated on you, lied to you or whatever the case may be, you have the same 2 choices.  Can it be fixed? Yes or No?  If yes, then fix it and be happy! If NO, then walk away and let it go!  That part is not always so easy (trust me I know this ALL to well… sigh) But you were put on this earth to do something Amazing!  You may not know what it is right now, but if you are walking around all mad & upset all the time, you will never be able to see the open door to you blessings or to your destiny!

Don’t spend your life looking down at the ground, upset, mad or miserable! Look up and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, laugh, smile, have fun and Follow Your Heart! Do Not Let Life Pass You By and Don’t let the world paint on your Canvas of Life! That is your paint brush and you are in control of what goes on your canvas from hear on out!! How will you Paint Your Future!!

Name 1 thing that you can do today that will make your day 100% better than yesterday?  If this touched you or if you know someone this an help, please hit the like and share button and help a friend today!  And as Always, thanks for coming into my little world and letting me share my thoughts with you today! Hope to see you next week!


Take The Lid Off Your Dreams


There is so much to learn from this picture. When we are kids we Dream these HUGE Dreams.  We water them, we act them out during recess, we tell anyone that will listen what we are gonna do when we grow up. We have so much excitement! Our eyes are all happy,  we talk fast, we show everyone our super hero costume,  believing with every inch of our little soul, that 1 Day we are going to save the world and everyone is gonna live happily every after.  Do you remember those days?  What did you want to be? Astronauts, fireman, Doctor, nurse or a Movie Star lol!

Then we hit middle school and is like our teachers that once fed our imagination and dreams were now Zombies and they were trying to make us just like them! Ewe!! We had to be realistic and have a “J-O-B” that could pay the bills because our silly dreams would never happen.  Sheesh! Do you remember the first time you were told or realized your childhood dreams were made out to be pipe dreams by the adults who thought “They Knew All the Answers?” 

Now, we are all Grown Up, and 98% of people on the planet literally HATE their job. They dread going to work.  They are depressed and generally just go thru life as a Zombie because they feel they have No Way Out! They quit dreaming and probably wouldn’t know where to start off looking for a dream these days.

I am here to tell you that you can do whatever you want to do! No matter how old you are or what stage of life your in at the moment.  How do I know this you ask? Because I am Living Proof that it can happen!  See I am 49 yrs old. I have 2 grown children and 3 beautiful grandchildren!  I have worked in restaurants on & off my whole life. Then 1 day I lost the job, the house, the car and my whole life was flipped upside down.  I gained a bunch of weight,  got depressed,  people who I thought were my friends, disappeared into thin air.  Waking up and breathing generally pissed me off! (I know, to know me now, you would never believe that person could ever have been me lol)

But, I got in the gym and started working out with my best friend and my roommate at the time and between the 3 of us we lost almost 150lbs! That is when my Dream to be a Personal Trainer came to life! I was 42ish when all that was going on. Well as of today, Exactly 5 yrs Ago, I made that Dream a Reality!!!! I passed my certification exam on March 8th, 2012! That was the one of the Happiest days of my life! (I sat in the car & Cried like a 2yr old outside the test center for what seemed like 10min lol) 3 years ago, I even passed my National Certification with NCSF, followed by my Sports Nutrition Specialist, Spartan SGX Coach & Obstacle Specialist and Now a Certified Life Coach!

If you had asked me 10 yrs ago this was never on the radar for me.  But when that seed got planted that’s all I focused on and I never gave up!  There were days I thought I was crazy, but that seed was being watered every time I spoke the words “I am studying to pass my personal trainer exam”! It got stronger and bigger everyday.  There was no turning back.  At the Age of 44 I Changed My Life for The Better! Forever!

This is just a small snippet of my story and when the rest of it gets told you will see that Your Past has Nothing to do with your Destiny! It only gave you lessons to help you get there.  Stop watering Dead Plants!  Dream Again! Find Your Passion!  Then work backwards from there until you find a way to make it a reality like I Did!

I would love to hear your childhood dreams, or even better,  Your Big Kid (aka Grown Up lol) Dreams!  Leave a comment below, tag a friend, share with someone you think would benefit from this story!

Until next time, I hope yoy Have as Awesome Week as you can make it!

Where is Your Journey Leading You?


  We are all on a Journey! Its called LIFE!  Now, the best part of that this journey is that ALL of us get to Choose our own path!  Think about that for just a minute…. tick … tick … tick…okay times up! I’m gonna repeat that just in case you missed it the first time, “We ALL get to Choose our Path!”  Don’t get me wrong, we all have a past and some of them were better than others.  Trust me I get that better than anyone, because my childhood Sucked!  I don’t mean in any little way either, It royally is right up there the probably the Top 10 of ALL Childhoods that Sucked.  (But that is not what this blog is about, that will be for a much later post… Yes that is meant to keep you coming back for more so you don’t miss it lol)

  So, Now, back to the whole “Choose your Path” thing I was talking about! The fun thing about our Journey in this life is that whatever path we choose is OUR Journey!  My journey is not your journey, your journey is not my journey, Tom’s journey is not Michael’s journey, Linda’s journey is not Cindy’s journey and so on.  Not everyone is going to understand what path it is that your are on, Hell, You may Not understand the path that you are on.  You just had this Burning desire, deep within you, to go this way, but you really haven’t figured out your “WHY” yet.  But when you do… Oh Good Lawd! You better hold on because its gonna be an Awesome Ride!

  See, by choosing the path that you want to travel, you are in Complete Control of How Awesome it can be or How Bad it can Suck!  Me personally, I Chose to make Mine Awesome lol.  Oh, you want to know what I mean by that? Okay, well here is how I understand it.  We ALL have been given this thing called “FREE WILL” to Choose to do whatever we want.  Now you can define that however you see fit. That means “YOU” are the only one Responsible for YOUR Path!  So, you have the option to Choose to make your life as Exciting, Fun, Interesting, Challenging and Awesome as you want.  Or…. on the flip side of that, your choices can make it as boring, sad, hurtful and as full of struggle as YOU Choose it to be at any given time.  That is what I mean by, you have the Option to Choose your Path on this Journey of Life! It’s just like a math problem.  You add Positive things to your life to make it Awesome and Exciting.  Or you can add Negative things to your life to subtract from your happiness and awesomeness?  No one on the planet has the Power to make you miserable or to make your life full of negativity but YOU!  Do bad things happen to Good people? Yes! But the key is how you respond or react to those bad things.

  Some things that happen we have Absolutely ZERO control over.  There is Nothing we can do but say, Okay, it is what it is and I am gonna move forward from here.  When you “Respond” with acceptance and not worry, things just seem to fall into place and correct themselves a lot sooner and Usually better than what you had ever planned in the first place. (That’s called your Blessing) Now, on the flip side, you can get all pissed off, mad, worry and keep harping on how you didn’t do anything to deserve this and yada yada yada!  Day in and Day out, you harp on how bad this sux!  You know that does? It keeps you right there in that world that Sux!  It’s a Choice! Think about it like this, you’re reading this Awesome novel that’s a thriller.  You are at the climax at the end of a chapter, it’s a cliff hanger, and the only way you find out who did what to who is to “Turn The Page” and go on to the next chapter in the book, right?  So, Now….. here in lies your “CHOICE”, Are  you gonna “A” keep reading that same page trying to figure out what the hell is happening? Or…. option “B” Turn the Page to the Next Chapter and find out that your favorite character made it through and is the Hero after all?  Let me guess….. You Choose Option “B”!

  Woot Woot! So now apply that Option to all the Crazy stuff that happens in your Journey!  Yes it really is that Simple!  I get asked all the time… Tammy, do you Ever have a bad day?  I can honestly say, I rarely have a bad day any more. (Thank the Good Lord! lol) I may have bad moments in a day, where something happened that made that part of my day Suck!  But, hey, that is life!  If I let that person make me miserable, they win! (And if you know me at all, you already know how I absolutely HATE to Lose at anything lol) So Needless to say, I might be mad for a hot second, might even yell, scream, vent or go throw some weights around. (Yes, I really mean throw weights around lol)  But within the hour, usually, I am back laughing, cutting up and making Everyone that comes in contact with me, Enjoy their time in my Sunshine!

  I said ALL of that for this 1 Reason… Do Not Let anyone Dull Your Shine! Choose the Path that Makes you Laugh til you can’t breathe, Dance like nobody is watching and Sing like Nobody can Hear You!  Life is Short! It’s about making your Journey AWESOME! And, quite honestly, Nobody makes it out Alive! So, quit being so Damn Serious all the time and Make Your Life as Awesome As You Are!

I would love to hear how you take a bad situation and turn it into something Awesome! Leave me a comment below and lets spread some Positive ways to help other people do the same!  If this post helped you in some way, please share and lets touch as many people as we can!  Thanks for stepping into my world for just a moment & I hope I made you smile from the inside out!

A Veteran’s Sacrifice

To ALL my Veteran’s near and far
Even if we have never met
And I know not who you are

I thank God for the man you turned out to be
For he knew that he was making you Elite and a very Special Breed
To give up a normal life with untold Sacrifice with all that you are
To Protect & Serve the ones you love and even the ones you may never meet
Its an honor to have you protecting someone like me

You never think twice about giving up your life with such a sacrifice
Even when its time to ship out and what you leave behind is your family & wife.
You are filled with mixed emotions watching tears well up in her eyes
Having to say Goodbye & hearing your babies cry
Knowing you took an oath to protect & Serve
Their hearts and tears are filled with Pride

So from me to you whether you are Near or Far
I don’t care what branch of service you are
I want to say Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart
So that people like me can have the Freedom to enjoy this thing we call Life!

May God Bless You and Keep You Safe!

If you are a Veteran active or not give us a Shout Out to your home town and loved ones Below! We want to Honor You Today! #Blessed #Veterans

Fight Like Your Life Depends On It!!!!


Fight like your “Life Depends On It!!!” Because, you know what, It Does!  I have not written in a few months.  Not, because time got in the way (well maybe a little, lol) but because the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, my mom passed away unexpectedly.  I had just seen her the Monday before Thanksgiving.  She was doing fine.  I fussed at her some because she was not taking her blood pressure meds like she was supposed to and she wasn’t eating regular either.  She had a couple of dizzy spells while I was there and that is when I found out about the eating and medicine.  I told her that I loved her and that I was too far away to get to her in a hurry if something happened.  I told her that I wanted to keep her around for a long time and Begged her to start eating right and taking her medicine on time.  She promised me she would.

Thanksgiving day everything was fine. The weekend was nothing special, watched football and enjoyed the down time of the holiday.  Then I got the call from my middle brother Scott.  Mom was in ICU on a ventilator.  She had a heart attack in her sleep when he found her.  They revived her but said to call the family because she wasn’t going to make it.  I drove like a bat out of Hell to get there.  That was probably the Hardest day of my life.  See, me and my brothers had to make the decision to take our mom off the ventilator that day.  We watched her take her last breath at 845am December 4th.  She never wanted to be on machines and we kept our promise to her to make sure she didn’t stay on them.  I was up for 41 hrs straight. Then, to schedule her cremation was the 2nd Hardest Day of my Life. Then the day I had to pick up her remains…. If it had not been for my Best Friend Michelle Killin, that Entire Week, I am not sure I would have emotionally survived it.  I know that everything happens for a reason and that mom didn’t suffer.  She went in her sleep and felt no pain, just like she always said she wanted to go.  The Greatest Blessing to come out of that was to bring our family back together.  We had our 1st family Christmas dinner in over 7 yrs.  Me and my oldest brother, Billy, renewed our friendship.  I even spent 4 days at his house with him, his wife Heather & my awesome nephews, Devyn, Seth & Brody!  We had a Great time.

Then when I got home Sunday night after I picked up mom’s remains, still more than a little emotional, I get a message from my man, basically telling me he doesn’t know what he wants to do about our relationship.  After almost 2 & half yrs…? Sooooo, needless to say, we are Not together any more.  All of the details, really do not even matter at this point, it’s just that in less than a week, I lost 2 Very Important people in my life.  Emotional roller coaster is not even in the same realm of what I was on the last 45 days of 2013.  But, 2014 is a New Year Baby! Its gonna be Amazing! I can Promise you that!

I’ve had good days and bad days as expected.  And now I would say, I have Pretty much 98.9% Good days with the occasional bad day thrown in just to keep me in check.  Thus, the reason for the title of this blog! “FIGHT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT” 

See, a few years back, I had a really bad bout with depression.  So bad, in fact, I wanted to take a whole bottle of sleeping pills & never wake up.  At that time in my life, waking up & breathing, in general, pissed me off to no end.  I now refer to those days as “Living in the Dark Places“.  I have beat depression and with a LOT of work, self-development, determination, some Amazing Friends & Mentors, and Most of ALL God, using All of those people to hold on to me and bring me into the light! His Light! I wrote a lot in journals then, and still do.  Mostly to get those angry and hurting feelings out of me.  They were eating at my soul and I hated how I felt.  I still have those journals, as a reminder mostly, of what I went through and motivation to keep moving forward.  See, I had to FIGHT! Fight with everything that was within me, scratching, clawing, crying, screaming, running, crawling, determined with every inch of my soul, that I was going to Get my Life Back! I was going to Breathe Again! To Live a Real Life Again! To Love Again!

So, yes, My Life, literally, Depended on that Fight! So going through so much, right at the holidays, with so much loss, hurt & pain not only Sucked to no end, but in the back of my mind, I could hear the voices.  I could feel the darkness and shadows trying to squeeze all the air out of my lungs.  I would talk to myself, sometimes loud enough for people to turn their head and look at me, when I would say “You are Not gonna get me today“! I would shake my head and keep it moving.  I told my housemate, I will Not go back to the “Dark Places!”  I was, and some days, still am, In a Fight for My Life! You know why I fight? Because, I have 2 Awesome children and 3 even more Awesome Grands!  They Love Me almost as much as I Desperately Love Them!  They are the Reason I Breathe Every Day & the Reason I Fight! The other reason I fight…. is because I know I can help people! That is my Job! I Love What I Do!!! I Love my clients and my Friends! And With this story….


I want to Inspire People! Even if it’s just One! I want someone to say, “Because of you, I didn’t Give Up!”  God gave me the most Incredible Strength!  Sometimes I believe he thinks I am the Incredible Hulk lol.  I appreciate the confidence, truly I do, but there are days ,I wish he didn’t think I was Big, Green & Invincible lol.

Eminem has this new song out called “The Monster“.  It says, “I’m friends with the monster under my bed, I get along with the voices inside of my head, you’re trying to save me stop holding your breath, you think I’m crazy, you think I’m crazy, well that’s not fair”! The truth is, we ALL have voices in our head.  We either choose to ignore them, listen to them, run from them or tell them to Shut Up!  You have to admit, even if it’s just to yourself, sometimes they have some really Great Ideas,  lol.  We, can either Choose to let those voices demean & crush us, or we can Choose, to let them Inspire us to be the person God has destined us to be.

431433_297769193627349_204152432989026_756257_943112872_nSoooooo, Now, its time to put on my “Big Girl Shoes” and show the world that My God is Bigger than any problem that comes my way! He is there to Pick me Up when Life knocks Me Down!  At the end of the day, we all have a Two Choices.  When life kicks you in the face and knocks you down, are you gonna stay down and be a “Victim” or are you gonna Choose to Get Up & Fight Like Your Life Depends On It?!?!?!?!?!?  I hope that something in here helped you see that life does get better.  Life is not meant to be pain free.  Without the pain, the happiness & joy would have no meaning, nor would you appreciate those days.  God never said we would not have any trouble, in fact, he promised there would be hard times.  But he also said, he would pay you back for all your tears.  God’s word Never comes back Void! There is Light in the Darkness! I Know, because when I opened my eyes, I found it when I looked up & he wrapped his arms around me to shower me with his love.  Share with someone who needs a little ray of sunshine in their life today! I would love to know what you thought, so leave me a comment and lets chat! #BeBlessed


Lessons of Life From Your Food

My Mahi Master Piece

My Mahi Master Piece

I am sure you are wondering, What could my food teach me about life?  Well other than the old adage “You are what you eat” for starters lol.  See I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I Love, Love, Love to Cook and Eat.  I also live in the south where we love anything Fried and covered in gravy!  Needless to say that is a Nightmare for anyone who wants that perfect waistline.

Now I haven’t been a trainer my whole life and have had my share of ups and downs with my weight because of my love of food and my love of cooking (which I happen to be Really good at doing so that just makes it worse lol).  To add to that, I am emotional eater.  I go from one extreme to the other.  I will either Eat Everything in the House or Not Eat for Days!  Either way you look at it I was always in serious trouble with my weight.

The picture above is probably one of my Best Food Masterpieces! “Blackened Mahi Mahi, with garlic herb Hericot Verts”!  I love Mahi Mahi.  I was at the farmers market and they had the Mahi steaks on sale, so I picked up 2 for me and my housemate.  Now, you must know, I have NEVER in my life cooked Mahi Mahi before in my life!  But any time its been available to eat on a menu, I have ordered it and when I worked at McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant in Birmingham, AL they had the Best Blackened Mahi I have ever put in my mouth.  So I was determined that I was gonna make that for dinner.  And I Did It!! It was AWESOME!! Even made the fresh mango/pineapple salsa to go with it and the Hericot Verts was a first time for me too.  Add a glass of good Red Wine and you have a Dinner made for a Queen!!

So, I know you’re wondering, “Okay, Tammy, we get it you love food, but What does this have to do with “Life Lessons“? 

Have you ever went out to eat, tried a new restaurant and found out you didn’t like Anything At ALL on their menu?  Or somebody recommended a particular dish, gave you the recipe and when you cooked it yourself it was Horrid?  I am quite sure there is not anybody that has had one or both of those experiences.  Or what about, your cooking one of your favorite dishes that you cook all the time, you get distracted, the telephone rings or your child gets hurt & you BURN your Favorite Dish!  Or worse yet, one of your little munchkins runs into you as you’re trying to set dinner on the table and you drop the Main dish in the middle of the floor!!  Yep, been there done that, to ALL of the above at some point in my many years of cooking.

Now, when any one of those things happened, did you world come crushing down around you?  Did it alter your Destiny Path in your life? (Well, other than what was for dinner that night lol) I would venture to guess the answer to Both of those Questions is a resounding NO!  Yes, I know, it was heart breaking to have to change your dinner plans, but your life went on as scheduled, you went to work the next day, the kids went to school and the normalcy (Whatever “Normal” is these days) of your life continued as if the night before had Never happened.

So, lets just alter the scenario just a bit.  Lets apply the bad restaurant to, lets say, a Bad Choice in a Boyfriend/Girlfriend.  Yes, the relationship may have ended, and that person Sucked the life out of you for the time that you were together, but the good thing is that you learned something about yourself during that time.  Just like the Horrible place you went to eat, where you learned Never to go there to eat again.  You learned that whatever the personality traits of your “Ex” are, that you don’t like or hate for that matter, are Red Flags for your Next Relationship.  Your life didn’t end because the relationship did or you wouldn’t be reading my blog at this very moment.

You can apply this lesson to Everything you do in life!  Whether its, a wrong job, bad dinner choice, a person you should have never called “Friend“, or whatever it was that upset your world for a moment in time.  That is the point, it is Only a Moment In Time!  That “Moment” will pass and life will go on, just as it always has before.  The only thing you can do is “Choose” how those moments affect you.  You can either learn the lesson that is right in front of you, make the adjustments that need to be made, and move forward on your journey to your Destiny.  Or, you can Choose, to play the Victim! If you play the victim, focusing on what went wrong, who hurt you, this, that, the other, (Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah… yes …Quit Crying Already,) You Will Never reach your God Given Destiny! I’m sorry but in my book…That is Not an Option!

Whatever happened, happened for a reason!  To Teach You A Lesson!  Yes, it Sucked! Yes, It Hurt!  But no matter who you are, We ALL have Lessons to Learn and we ALL go thru some heartache and pain in our life.  It’s all in how you Choose to let it affect you!  It’s already happened and you can’t go back and change any of it.  It’s just like a book that an author has written, once it goes to print and that ink is dry, there is nothing else you can do but say, “Okay, I really jacked that up, so I know not to do it that way next time!

Just like my Blackened Mahi Mahi in the picture, as Awesome as it was, I know what I am gonna do different next time to make it even better.  Just like, my past relationships, I know what I like and don’t like in my man, what I am willing to accept or not accept which ultimately determines if I will continue to be in a relationship with them.  My past jobs, yep, I know what I like and don’t like, what jobs I would do again and which ones I hated and will Never do again.

My wish for you is this, That you learn Everything you can in every moment, good or bad, that you go thru.  That you are able to cherish the good, learn from the bad, make the necessary adjustments and Rock the Next Opportunity that comes along in your life path.  That when you reach your Destiny, you have taken the time to Stop, smell the roses, dance like nobody is watching, sing, as if, nobody can hear you and Most of All…. That you Enjoyed Every Moment in Your Journey and that there were a lot of Moments that Took Your Breath Away!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog tonight and I would love to hear what your Food Life Lesson Is!

What Would You Do?

2013-10-08 14.28.40

I was asked today, “If you paid off ALL of your debt, what would that look like for you?”  I am 46 yrs old and have never been in the position, until now, to actually Think about being Debt Free.  I know that it has been a goal of mine to be debt free and I am less than $25,000 away from meeting that goal.  But I could not answer the question “What would that look like for you?”  And honestly, that is sad. What is even more sad, is that 98% of the American population probably cant answer that question with a belief in their heart that it will really happen.  How do I know that?  Because, if they Really Believed it, there would be an excitement that lit up the whole room when they said it and they would stop at Nothing to make sure that it became a reality.  I used to be that person too.

I have lived my whole life in the “Scarcity Mentality“.  Barely having enough to get by each month, living pay check to pay check, hoping that this is the month, that there wont be too much month at the end of the money.  My mom was never good with finances, so we were never taught how to manage money as children and young adults.  ALL we knew was to work as hard as you could, pay your bills on time when you can, always make sure the kids are fed and have what they need, everything else will work itself out. Always believing, “This is As Good As It Gets.”

Now, I was presented with an opportunity, about 18 months ago, that I said yes to, and since then I have been steadily paying off my debt at a rapid rate.  Things slowed down a little, with my move and life in general getting in the way, then I was asked the question, “How will it change your life to be debt free?”  So, as I sit here writing this blog, doing some soul-searching, to really Visualize My Life as Debt Free and to take a quick glimpse at the Awesome Future that Awaits Me!

I have been what the picture above describes, “Died at 25 and just waiting to be buried at 75“.  That is, Until Now.  I have become ALIVE! Realizing that, for the 1st time in my Adult Life, I Will Be Totally Debt Free!! So What do you do, when your whole life is about to change and you can do whatever you want to do?  Do you know what its like to NOT Stress over bills, or if you can put food on the table, or if you’re gonna come home to an eviction notice?  I’ve been thru ALL of that! And to be able to sit here, Breathe a sigh of relief, and know, Those Are No Longer Worries for me, is a Blessing Beyond Belief!

So Now, I pose the question to you… What would your life look like, if tomorrow, you became debt free?  What if I told you I can help You make that a reality?  If you have so much debt that you can’t think that large at the moment (I know I couldn’t before now), What would an Extra $1000 month do for you and your family?  Did you know, that on average, an extra $500/mo would keep most families from filing bankruptcy?  Don’t be the walking dead, as I have been for the last 26 years!  Do Something About It and Take Your Life Back! Become Alive! If you are interested in making an extra $1000/mo and becoming Debt Free yourself, you can leave a message below or contact me on Facebook.

What Would Your Life Look Like, If You Became Debt Free Tomorrow? I would love to hear your Dreams!  Leave me a comment and share with your friends.  #BeBlessed