Free Your Mind…Live Your Life


You know, we all spend so much time with our life in Hyper-speed! Go here, do that, listen to this, talk to this one, that one & the other one. Go to work, 8, 10, 12 or more hours a day. Come home, cook, clean, take a shower, pass out & do it all over again the next day.  We worry about who is watching or “Not” watching us.  What they think of us or what they may or may not be saying about us.  There there is the ALL Paralyzing “What do they Think about me?”  Whether its a love interest, a new friend, co-worker, boss or just someone that catches their eye in the line at the grocery store.  So many of our thoughts are caught up in “What other people think” about us.

Well you know what… Who Cares!!! Seriously!  Yes, that sounds callous and harsh, and No I am not sorry!  Its the truth and you need to Hear Me!  We spend way too much of our Good Energy on people who 98% of the time are not even giving you a 2nd thought, much less a 1st thought lol.  If they made you mad, they Do Not Care!  They haven’t thought about it for a second and I would venture to guess they probably don’t even know they made you mad in the first place.

You are walking around all puffed up over someone else’s opinion of you and they Do Not Care! So you are mad for hours, days, weeks and in some cases Years for No Damn Reason at all!  People are gonna hurt you and you are gonna hurt other people.  Whether its with words or actions (or the lack there of in some cases) its inevitable that its going to happen.  There is a thought process that I use to help me when Stupid stuff like this happens.  First thought, “Is there anything I can do to change the situation?” Its a simple yes or no.  If Yes, then list what I can do and then do it.  If “NO”, then its oh well, on with my day.  Let go and Let God!   Yes it is really that simple!

See, if your mad, then Your Day is ruined.  You are in control of your emotions not them.  If you let them make you mad and you stay that way then They Win!  Life is Too Damn Short to be walking around Pissed off all the time!  If someone you love hurt you, cheated on you, lied to you or whatever the case may be, you have the same 2 choices.  Can it be fixed? Yes or No?  If yes, then fix it and be happy! If NO, then walk away and let it go!  That part is not always so easy (trust me I know this ALL to well… sigh) But you were put on this earth to do something Amazing!  You may not know what it is right now, but if you are walking around all mad & upset all the time, you will never be able to see the open door to you blessings or to your destiny!

Don’t spend your life looking down at the ground, upset, mad or miserable! Look up and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, laugh, smile, have fun and Follow Your Heart! Do Not Let Life Pass You By and Don’t let the world paint on your Canvas of Life! That is your paint brush and you are in control of what goes on your canvas from hear on out!! How will you Paint Your Future!!

Name 1 thing that you can do today that will make your day 100% better than yesterday?  If this touched you or if you know someone this an help, please hit the like and share button and help a friend today!  And as Always, thanks for coming into my little world and letting me share my thoughts with you today! Hope to see you next week!


2 thoughts on “Free Your Mind…Live Your Life

  1. Thank You so much for everything you share each month I look so forward to reading and truly applying the things you share to my life daily. You are very Special to me and I thank God everyday for you can’t wait to here from you next month thank you again love you and God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Thank you So Much Cindy! Thank makes me feel So Special! Wgen I write I hope that I touch someone. Its nice to hear from someone that I have touched on and made a difference in their life! Please keep in touch and feel free to share anything I post! Maybe we can touch someone else they you! I hope you have an Awesome Week! I will be posting again this Sunday night!


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