Wonderful Wednesday

154790_10150814148590102_775010101_9330616_1720169610_nYou know its a Wonderful Wednesday when you get to Sleep late and then go get a Full Body Massage for an Hour!  Oh My Goodness!! I had an awesome lazy late lunch then trained One Client at 6pm… that was My day!

So I’m kicked back in the chair with my laptop in hand checking emails & chatting on FB, I go to put my foot on the floor & there is a Big Freaking Spider right beside my foot!! OMG!! I Hate Spiders!! That would have been an Instant Heart Attack & a 911 Rescue Call lol… Needless to say, He Did Not Make It Out Alive!

Be thankful for the little things people, for some little things could bring about an untimely End lol.

Have a Blessed Night Everybody! Hope I at least gave you a little chuckle to end your day! Smooches!


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