Forgiveness –How much and how far .

Each of us as Christians at some point in our lives will inevitably have to deal with being hurt by other people . And that hurt will vary in degrees according to our closeness to the person .

Family member ,close friend ,co-worker ,Church family . Each one can affect us differently due to the types of interactions we have .

Ant the hurts can range from minor irritations ,to devastation . And our reaction can range from rage ,to depression ,to an attitude of “I will get even.”

I have been hurt by all of the above in my 63 years and will be hurt again and again throughout the rest of my life .

Being human ,I have also hurt others during my life .

If we work to further our Father’s Kingdom , hurt is a given : We only need to look at Jesus to know this truth .

But our reaction to hurt is the subject today .

We can handle hurt in one of two ways .

#1 is man’s way .

I have looked at our way and done much prayer about the way we handle these hurts that so naturally come our way .

Most of our ways will center around protecting ourselves from future turmoil . The only thing that can become of of this is a hardening of our hearts toward other people and their motives . A sad way to lead a life . Forgiveness ? Is it in mans nature ? Do we even understand the true meaning of the word and the power it releases  ?

Very doubtful .

But one thing we do know is how to hold on to hurts and daily slights until they  become toxic to our soul .

Let’s jump forward to the 2nd way of dealing with hurts : and that is God’s way — the RIGHT way .

We are talking true forgiveness here , and our example is our Lord and Savior Jesus .

Did Jesus know hurt in his life ?  More than we will ever know !

Who hurt him ? –Friends ,  family ,Disciples , all mankind —you and ME !

God placed all our sin on his Son .

And he ultimately felt the hurt of his Father turning his back on him as he hung on the cross .

And yet with all this weight on him ,He freely forgave .

Unconditionally ,totally ,to be remembered no more .

Separated our sins as far as the East is from the West .

And in a final act of forgiveness ,He raise his head on the cross  and asked his Father to forgive them –“for they know not what they do”.

All of a sudden we look kind of petty ,don’t we ?

Do we try to understand the ones that hurt us ?

Do we turn the other cheek ?

Do we try to minister to their needs ?

Do we offer them that cup of cool water ?

And above all ,do we offer them the gift of eternal life ?

We are commanded to do ALL these things .

And if we write these commandments on our hearts and do them ,then we will find true peace with our fellow sojourners .

                                                                         God Bless

                                                                                  Roger .


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