Forget About How…Just Do It


I was reading an email that I got from Lily Jensen a few minutes ago, which prompted this Blog post.  You know how you get up one morning after a good rain the night before and its Really Foggy?  You are trying to drive and you can only see 3 feet in front of you.  Now, you know where your going, but not quite sure if it’s really safe in these conditions but you know you have to go anyway.  I don’t think there is a person who hasn’t run into these conditions while driving at some point in their life.

Well let me flip this on you for just a moment.  Lets say, that you have this Big Dream or Goal that is just burning inside you.  You know that some how some way this is what you were meant to do.  Someone tells you that your crazy, or they ask you “How in the Hell, do You think you are gonna make that happen?” Now, let’s go back to driving in the fog for a second.  Let’s just say your Dream is on the other side of that fog.  You can only see 3 feet in front of you but you KNOW without a Doubt that you Have to Go For It! You drive in the fog all the time and you make it safely to your destination, right? You may drive a little slower to be safe, But You Don’t Quit Driving do you?  Fear only gets loud when you’re doing something that Matters!

Every single day that we are alive, we avoid 1 disaster after another, 1 step (or 3 feet) at a time.  Its called Life Experiences, that we learn from every minute of every day.  Why would you let a little “FOG” get in the way of you making your Dream Become a Reality?  How you get there will work itself out when you take that next step!  It’s the Law of Action.  You start attracting the things you need, ideas, money, time, people, whatever is needed to get you through the Fog, to your Destination (Dream).  Just Do It! Take that Next Step!

Sooooooo, Here’s the big Question?  Are you gonna play it safe and sit on the side lines of life and let Fear put blinders on your face, keep you in a choke hold tied to the porch?  Or are you gonna Kick Fear in the Teeth and Say “I Got This! Your No Longer Welcome Here!”  No matter what Dream or goal it is that you are chasing, I encourage you…No…I take that back… I Dare You to take that Next Big Scary Step, and the one after that and the next and next! I Promise you with ALL that is within me, that if you do that right there, You will Reach Your Dream Destination, Safe,  Sound and Successful!

So, tell me, where is your dream taking you today?


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