Try Every Spirit


I am reading C. S. Lewis book :   Surprised By The Joy .

My morning reading while eating breakfast .

The book tells the story of his journey to Atheism and later accepting Christianity .

An interesting read giving deep insight to this great Christian writer .

This morning ,I reached a section that applied to our generation so well ,that I had to share it today .

We live in the age of the self help book , and the self help TV show .

The Dr. Phil show , Oprah , Dr Oz and on ,and on —–

And they have their own books .

They all have a way that they say will uplift you beyond your wildest dreams .

I would think that the largest book store in the country ,would not have the shelf space for all this knowledge.

Lewis made a statement that we all should take to heart :– — ” I had no conception of the amount of nonsense written and printed in the world .”

“New ” , “Expanded” ,”Updated” .”Revolutionary”.

All words to show that the author is “up” with the new generation on thought .

” Hey –This man has the answers to ALL my problems “

“I am going to lead my life by this man’s book “.

I remember a bunch following Jim Jones ,because he “had” all the answers .

Didn’t work too well for them did it ?

At this point in Lewis life ,he was on his way to seeing the light of the Cross .

He was a learned man . Highly educated .He read all the classics .

But his next statement stunned me because it exposed how easily we can be influenced by “education” .

Let’s remember Jim Jones here :   Lewis stated —  ” I regarded Yeats as  a learned ,responsible writer : WHAT HE SAID MUST BE WORTHY OF CONSIDERATION .

And here is the rub for us as Christians  : there are more book about the Bible than there are Bibles in most homes and book stores .

I am not throwing stones ,since I have several shelves of books about the Bible myself .

The problem comes when we give more credence to these books that we do our God’s Holy Word .

Let’s think about exactly who we are letting influence our lives .

The Bible has stood the test of time .

It has never had to be “expanded” “updated” ,or “new” .

It will never fail us —-100% trustworthy .

We don’t have to get a recommendation from Oprah’s book of the month club .

Our Bible blesses our lives daily as Dr  Phil  will never be able to do .

Bottom line — Try every spirit .

Some will bless you .

Others will curse you and set you on a path to destruction .

                   Blessings your way !!



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