What ifs

10 years ago , I had a friend of mine saved while we were sitting in my den .

God rejoiced ,the Angels in Heaven rejoiced ,Tom rejoiced, I rejoiced .

5 weeks later Tom was killed in a car wreck .

Rough funeral to attend : I had lost a friend , children had lost a father ,and we all were searching for answers . There were many “what ifs” while sitting on that pew . Mine were different from the families .

Why did Tom come to my house that night ? Why did he pick me ?

But the main question was –why did God pick me ?

I had to know the answers to these questions .

Thankfully God’s Word is full of answers at the turn of a page .

The verses that best answered my questions are found in the Book of Esther .

As Christians ,we are all familiar with the Book of Esther .

The only book in the Bible where God’s name is never mentioned .

But it is a book that teaches patience and responsibility .

A Jewish girl who through God’s guiding hand has become  the wife to the King .

We know of the plot by the wicked Haman to exterminate the Jewish race ( another story).

We know of his ego ,wickedness ,and hatred .

He is a dark look at the worst of humanity .

But he is not my answer : that is supplied by Esther and her Uncle Mordecai .

I will start with Mordecai learning of the plot and getting a message to Esther ,about the coming troubles .

My question of “why me ” was answered in Est 4  :13 ,14 .

Mordecai is reminding Esther of her position as Queen and her responsibility to her kinsman .

Est 4:13 ——-Think not with thyself that thou shall escape in the King’s house ,more than all the Jews .

Est 4:14—-For if thou altogether holdest thy peace at this time ,then shall their enlargement and deliverance come from another place : but thou and thy Father’s house shall be destroyed :and WHO KNOWETH WHETHER THOU ARE COME TO THE KINGDOM FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS .

I could write on these two verses for several paragraphs .

But there is no need because they are pretty much self explanatory .

My question about “why me ” was answered in the last 15 words .

God had put me at a particular time and place to share My testimony with His Child !!

For such a time as this ,

This was my “Esther moment “,and as with Esther ,there are dire warnings of shirking our duty .

Every day we all have these  “Esther Moments “.

The only question we can ask at that time is ———- What If ?

                                                   God Bless




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