Despair and timing

Probably my favorite Christian author ,besides C. S. Lewis , is Joni Tada . Her 40 years in a wheelchair has inspired millions .
And when I feel life is not treating me fair and that my Lord is nowhere to be found ,
pick up my Bible and her book  WHEN GOD WEEPS and start reading .
At times each of us will face various turmoils in our lives that will cause us to question God’s reasoning .
 Where are you ? Why is this taking so long to resolve ? ,Why can’t I Have what I want ? And on ,and on ,and on ———.

Lets be truthful here : each of us has had these questions —no finger pointing here .Despair hurts ,and like an earache ,we want it over with NOW !!!!! But antibiotics take time to work . And the pain causes me to get impatient , PLEASE HURRY !! I can’t take this much longer ! And we call the Doctor and ask if he has something stronger and faster he can prescribe .Impatience is our way in the face of pain ; physical ,mental ,financial ,and many more .

And we turn and ask our God the same question as the Doctor : Why is it taking your Grace so long to work ?

Joni Tada had the same questions after becoming paralyzed in a diving accident in 1967.

And then she ask this question of our Lord : ” God ,if I can’t die ,please show me how to live . A direct question ,asked with boldness ,that opened the door for Him to act .

Honesty ! What a concept !! Being truthful and blunt in our prayers !!

She had just cast ALL her cares on our Lord ,and cleared all obstructions out of the way to her heart and soul .

Psalms 77: 7-9

Will the Lord reject forever ?

Will he never show his favor again ?

Has his promise failed for all time ?

Has God forgotten to be merciful ?

Has he in anger withheld his compassion ?

The Psalmist asked these questions ,as we all have .

And if we know the love of our God ,we honestly know the answer to each question .

Let’s search our hearts and souls for the true answers to these simple questions that fill our lives.

A wonderful friend of mine once told me “We serve an awesome God “.

And you know something —I agree with her !!

                          God Bless



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