What Are You Allowing

Take a Chance if You Want Anything to Change

Take a Chance if You Want Anything to Change


This post is about our “Relationships“.  On my Facebook page the other day I had a gentleman post on one of my pictures that I deserved to be treated like a Queen.  Of course I am Very Appreciative of such a compliment and stated so.  What led to this post was his next comment which said, “Well it’s not rocket science on how you should treat a lady.”  I am upset that I can not find the post at the moment to quote exactly what was said from that point, so, please forgive me for “Winging It” now and going off my Best Recollection of what was said lol.

My reply to him was, “To a lot of men, it is rocket science unfortunately.  And I am not putting ALL of the blame on the Men here. We as Women Allow Men to Treat us the way that they do and until we Demand a Better way to be Treated then we shouldn’t complain about what we ALLOW to take place in our Relationships”.  Now this brought a myriad of banter back and forth about the subject and we ALL agreed on 1 single Fact, “You Get What You Allow to Exist”.

We as women typically get the short end of the stick when it comes to love and relationships.  (Fella’s I’m not saying that you are exempt from this at all lol, but I am primarily talking to the Ladies here.)  Most women, and I am speaking from my own personal experiences, have had no male role model to show us exactly How a Lady should be treated when we were younger.  We have abandonment issues, we have baggage from other relationships, we have been abused, either mentally, physically, emotionally and/or sexually at some point in our life.  So, for me anyway, we want NOTHING more desperately than to Be Loved by a Man and Have Absolutely No Idea what that means.  We let men treat us any kind of way because we “THINK” any attention is Good attention and a show of some form of “Love”.  And that is the farthest thing from the truth! It has taken me 46 years to realize this and I hope that I can reach somebody today!

You Are Beautiful! You are Special! You are NOT to Blame for the things in your past! You Deserve to have the door opened for you, to get phone calls to hear him say “I was thinking about you and just wanted to hear your voice”, flowers, text messages, dinner dates and anything else that Honor’s You!  You Do NOT and Should NOT Accept Anything Less!  With that being said, If you Allow a man to mistreat you and talk to you any kind of way, then I am sorry, but you have no right to complain about how “Bad” your relationship is because “YOU” are Making the Conscious Choice/Decision to ALLOW Him to Treat you in that manner.  I Promise You this, if you will Look Up to Your Heavenly Father and Trust Him, Demand the respect and love that you deserve, God will heal your brokenness and Send you the man he made Especially for You!  How do I know this?  Because I am Living Proof that God Healed Me, Forgave Me, Saved Me and Blessed Me with the Love of My Life and My Soul Mate.

I hope this has touched someone tonight.  I would love to hear your comments and feedback.  If you think this would help somebody else, Please forward to them and let the healing begin.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to hear my heart.  Have a Blessed Night!


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