Starting Points

I had a birthday Saturday !!

Turned 63 !!

Now I am entering the middle of the week and want to say a few things about my mission for this new year of my life and beyond .

I knew for a few days that I would be preparing for my first post and have been in prayer seeking God’s guidance as to mission and future topics .

Of course there can only be one mission: to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ !

As to topics : guess what ! –same thing  : except with the added joy of talking about the ABUNDANCE of joy He adds to our lives .

So ,as a starting point ,let’s look at the life our LORD wants for us and the steps to get there .

Understand first that at 63 years old , I am still a mere Babe in Christ —as you also !!

So we start at the beginning : as a CHILD .

Our God says that THREE things are essential that we must attain for a truly joyful life . And they are in sequence .


We are told time and time again that we MUST attain all three ,that we may serve our Lord and have a bountiful life .

Knowledge is the first ,and also easiest of the three to acquire .

As parents ,we take great pride in our 2 year old being able to count to 100 or reciting his ABC’s .

We start soaking up knowledge at a very early age ; but is this “knowledge ” useful at that young age ?

Does the 2 year old understand the use of letters and numbers and the power they hold ?  Of course not !!

Years of growth have to come for us to start to understand their uses ,and many more to get the wisdom to use them properly .

I have to give an example here ,and I will use my daughter Laura .

Around the 5th grade she came into the den and proudly told Debbie and I that she had learned all that she needed to know from school and that it was time to quit .

She had a child’s view of life ,without any understanding of the harsh realities of this type of decision.

Could she muddle through life with a 5th grade education ? Of course she could .

My maternal Grandfather had only a 1st grade education ,and raised a family and always managed to make a living .

But could she ever be able to reach her true potential ?—–NEVER!!

And so it is with the Christian that does not put on the Yoke of our Lord .

Saved ,but never being able to fully partake of the bounty Jesus has sat before us .

So ,here is our beginning ; a new child of God , a new heart ,a new Lord ,a new purpose for our lives .

And VERY LITTLE knowledge of what our Lord has demanded of us and the rewards of obedience .

My Grandfather may have been uneducated ,but he wanted the best for his 3 children and he delivered on that dream by making sure that all 3 had a proper education .

How much more does our Heavenly Father want us to succeed and prosper ?

He paved the way for us through the CROSS .

A bloody cross with HIS SON nailed to it to pay the penalty of our sins .

Our salvation sealed .

His Holy Word containing his commands and blessings for his children .

And so ,here we are :children –empty vessels with an emptiness that must be filled .

Now our mission with this  blog starts : to fill ourselves with God’s Son .

Christ in us ,the hope of Glory .

                                        Roger Speed


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