Whats Your Vision



There are two signals that life gives us when a dream is trying to emerge. They are your longing and your discontent. You want to pay attention to your longing and discontent, because this is a way of tuning it into the dream, of giving it a voice. “What would you love?” …no Really…What would You Love to be or do? Without a vision, you won’t be able to shift your limiting circumstances. Without a vision, trying to shift your circumstances is just like pushing a beach ball under the water!! So do you have a Vision? A Dream? a Desire? What is Holding You Back? have you thought about it? or are you gonna let the world tell you that your ALL Grown Up Now Your Not Allowed To Dream? Or Are you Gonna Grab Your Vision & Run?…The Choice is Yours! 

My Challenge for you today is to get out your journal, disconnect from all your electronics to limit your distractions, then just write down what is in your heart and on your mind. Don’t worry about proper grammar or English. If money was NO Object and the people around you refused to Let You Fail…What Would You Be Doing Different In Your Life? I would love to hear your Dreams, Visions and/or Goals! 


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